Oil & Gas




Changing is life mark Aterm that has been always repeated by ascendants.

it's prints always tangible and palpable especially in our daily life at the entire growth and development that the society witnessed for changing to the best palamary,accompanied by certaion of new means that suits the circumstances and challenges that emerged from this changing within the continous march of prgress and growth for the best future in iraq E.H.G had been born to grant the societythe right preferences in choosing the best commercial and engineering solutions for oil and gas projects which suits thier demands and that for the first time in iraq we should note that suspense and expections that had accompanied launching all our services was above all the expections this indicates that we appreciate the enthusiasm of all the throng to.

As E.G.G we promised you that we worked sedulously at the entire previous period and still we are working in order to achieve our promise to enrich the commercial and engineer projects and design. Therefore it should be cited that E.H.G administration and its employees from the founded stone for what we had achieved until now.

We promise to offer the best commercial and engineering experiences to the iraqi citizens and our visitor from my place, In the name of administration board.Iam warmly pleased to thank all the employees for thier loyalty. Entthusiasm in working in the same time I'd like to thank all our partners for thier effort and supports that we rely on during our march in launching our services accept all our services.

  • Our dearest fatheriand (Iraq) is about to launch new pages of achievements in its rich records
  • from my behalf and all E.H.G employees hope you will be our partner in this time to be an unforgettable moments

With all my respect and appreciation
Omar Adnan Al-Najem
Manager of the administration board.

Executive Director Word

E.H.G is Proud if its pioneer role for opening a new entryway in commercial and engineering design, for a serious generation to follow the civilization.

we believe in E.H.G that we are going to put our special prints on the industrial-commercial-engineering sectors through our unique proposias and services.

We work sedulously so we can achieve our mission in satisfying our clients and develop our human cadre all our partners-contributors-employees-iraqi society work at E.H.G to achieve this vision, starting from the operator-technical team uptill the engineering designers.

E.H.G had promised itself to make its vision real and panoramic.

Therefore,we cant forget our clients who form the core of our business at E.H.G and for thier sake, by listening to opinions and needs. We work hardly to develop and improve the commercial and engineering sectors as we know to the new era.

Finally, allow me to present all my worm thanks for the certainty and support that our clients and contributors had granted us.

So we decided to go on our promise to give the best commercial, engineering exoeriences.

With all my respect and appreciation
Yousri Al-Hialie
Executive Director at E.H.G

Investors Relations:

The authorized-Source and paid company capital is abbout 40 million American dolars.

After few of its founders had vend thier stocks,The company is owning now by contributors for a rate of 40% and the rest equalized between E.H.G engineering services design for oil and gas projects in iraq.


Words summarize our vision in E.H.G we'll work sedulously to enhance and achieve this vision.

By heading of Mr. Ali Al- Najem and Mr. Yousre Muhammed, E.H.G had promised and vowed itself to expand in oil and gas sectors in Iraq, through enabling its clients to choose the best solution containing the engineering designs for achieving projects in this sector. In addition to that, we assigned the most best qualified and expert members in order to achieve the best.

We choose four essential elements that we depend and build our design on.

We start by honesty leading to loyalty and severalty ending with pioneering, which enables us to have strong relations with each client and promote oil and gas industry in Iraq. E.H.G works seriously and sedulously in order to be not a company for designing and engineering.

For example: offering services for oil institutions and partner for all the integrated solutions that help the enterprises to ameliorate its function as well as terminating its oil projects.

Through E.H.G we seek to be a regional centre to the Middle East where the engineering designs and commercial bases available.

Our clients are the hub of our work

We work sedulously so we can be the first choice to our clients in oil land and gas field. Therefore we can add diligent and facility to their lives through creation, pioneering and insisting on achieving our vision, we promise to give the best distinguished services to our clients through all our deployed offices around the world (customer, services, websites, direct marking and our partners).

Services and products:

We still present and adduce you an integrated collection of designed services for oil and preparations.

These rich services include oil tanks projects, gas projects. Because we believe in the importance of changing, E.H.G continuously looks for an opportunity to give the best new, financial benefit services to the clients whether it's an institution or individually.

Strategic projects:

We vowed our selves to grant you miscellaneous, creative collection of engineering designs that are designed especially to fit your demands.

Here under some of the distinguished projects of oil and gas:

  1. Covering all oil projects.
  2. Price plants that includes well income to the clients due to their expenses.
  3. Miscellaneous engineering services, data services in addition to new proposals in Iraq.

E.H.G well present integrated services from engineering projects as designing, establishing and equipping the entire oil and gas projects in Iraq. As well as we have the ambition to expand our services during the next coming years.

Engineering designs:

E.H.G will enable you to establish your oil, gas project and use the international standards through the international constants of the engineering standards.

Elite is the provider of all the integrated engineering solution in the region
E.H.G works sedulously in order to be the provider for all oil and gas projects through a net of (designing, consulting, preparation, and establishing).

By developing our service, we can grant our clients a scientific experience in oil industrial engineering at the Middle East. As well as we grant our clients miscellaneous services of oil projects in addition to the logistic service of oil sector in Iraq.

Where we find Elite

To ensure that our clients can get our services and distinguished proposals, E.H.G promise to establish a net which covers the entire world.
Don't worry…
"Wherever you are Elite will be"

Oil and gas world

We create proposals and services which gives your institution more effective, scientific development methods in managing and controlling your oil projects, in addition to help you in finding the best and appropriate scientific and engineering methods and solutions.

E.H.G service for institutions is more than designing services, it’s a partner in finding all the integrated work solutions that helps oil and gas institutions to improve its performance and establish projects for its behalf and to terminate its scientific-engineering-demand-institution-needs and essential needed substances that are used to establish oil compounds.

Our clients are the core of our work

You need iso or service hob, you are the core of what we present from pioneer services that provide the best work for our clients. To achieve this we provide:

  1. Presenting services that are suitable for nature of different sectors to achieve the best demands for our clients.
  2. Presenting a continuous dialog with our clients to guarantee providing them the best solutions that solve their engineering designing needs.
  3. Providing service with high quality, we also present the best experience for our clients in all E.H.G offices all engineering projects and other services.
  4. Security information specialized level services projects and clients, administration aims to improve the services.
  5. Service center that we rely on and trust.
  6. International designing engineering plants
  7. Various services consisting on the protocols of gas and oil projects.

Oil engineering design services

World work had witnessed more care in design responsibility and effort in participating in different oil issue.

Since it had launched E.H.G gave the engineering design a special importance and put palpable strategy and program to enrich oil and gas project.

For believing E.H.G employees had an effecting positively oil industrial projects a program from developing oil engineering design services had been developed at the institution by their participation.

E.H.G had promised itself to make its vision real and panoramic.

This program depends on four essential elements:

  1. Scientific
  2. Qualification
  3. Engineering design data services
  4. Preparation

Through this program E.H.G works on ensuring its vital role and its responsibility as a social partner in oil and gas industry by cooperating with the institution.

  1. local society
  2. government in enhance the economic
  3. social conditions in Iraq