About Us

General View

Elite Home Group is one of the largest and most experienced Iraqi Groups. It is also one of the largest Iraqi companies in the field of commercial agencies .We are representing or have a cooperation agreement with more than 50 well-known international companies. Our company works in Supplying & Contracting & Key Projects especially in officially representing foreign companies' interest in Iraq. Our work is devoted to promote these companies products and provide necessary services when needed, which includes following up and implementing all concerns of the represented companies inside Iraq. Our services start with the introduction of the company products inside Iraq all the way through finalizing their supply contract and receipt of its goods by the end users.

Our Emerge

We were established and licensed from the Iraqi Ministry of Trade in 1999 (dated: 4/10/1999) in accordance with current Iraqi laws concerning companies and commercial agencies (company law no. 11 of 1983) and (Agency law no. 51 of 2000). Elite Home Group’s role was and still is to search for well-known international manufacturers and suppliers and interest them in either exploring the Iraqi market as a potential target for their product or resume their activities.

Starting Point

The economy began to recover soon after the end of Iraq-Kuwait conflict and specially after signing the Memorandum of Understanding also known as (MOU) between the UN and the Government of Iraq. The Iraqi economy is considered one of the strongest in the Middle East as Iraq still has one of the largest oil reservoirs in the world. Our company basically works under the Oil for Food program, also known as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU allows Iraq to sell its oil in the international market and purchase food and medicine. The MOU has a 6 months term and is up for renewal by the UN Security Council at the end of each term. A special committee supervises all contracts to determine the exact needs of the Iraqi people. Also, all the commercial activities increased when UN authorities accepted to include with this program other categories such as Electricity, Water & Sewerage, Transportation, Communication and other. Elite Home Group’s role was and still is to search for well-known international manufactures and suppliers and interest them in either exploring the Iraqi market as a potential target for their product or resume their activities if the suppliers already had worked in the Iraqi market before 1991. Our company has already succeeded in signing contracts between several Iraqi customers and the international companies that we represent. These contracts had exceeded a total amount of thirty five million USD in the past five years only and all UN approved contracts have been implemented successfully with full clients’ satisfaction. All this success was possible because of the mutual efforts of the companies that we represent and the successful planning of Elite Home Group’s top management. Our goal is to protect the interest of the companies that we represent in Iraq by ensuring only high quality

Our Aim

Our aim as your commercial agent is to seek proper and potential clients for your products and to offer support in promoting your products and services in the Iraqi market. Companies that have chosen Elite Home Group to represent them in Iraq as their agent have benefited from the following:

  • 4 years of experience in promoting international companies to Iraqi clients. Our total signed contracts have exceeded the mark of 35 Million US dollars in the last 5 years only.
  • A diverse and well-informed staff that is able to obtain all governmental tenders and potential contracts in Iraq. Our companies then study all these orders and choose the ones that fall within our represented companies products and bids for them.
  • Following up with all bidding and contracts to assure the success of implementation. Our company also continues to work with both suppliers and customers until the product reaches its final destination to assure repeated customers.
  • In-house technical staffs such as electrical and mechanical engineering teams that are able to hold seminars and fairs to introduce new products and technologies.
  • In-house legal staff to provide our represented international companies with latest translated legal studies. Our studies emphasize on laws that affect any international investment or commercial transaction in Iraq. All studies will be available through our web site for order.
  • Fully equipped offices with the latest communication technologies to ensure swift transaction and correspondence.